NuvaPineA Conifer Green Needle Complex 160mg

160mg / 50 Vegicaps

poised to serve the needs of public as a general antioxidant for optimal health performance
Respiratory Tract Infection

Upper respiratory tract infection/influenza/Sinusitis
Take ONE-TWO capsules every 2 hours. Chew the contents and let the substance provide local relief. Next dose swallow the capsule with warm water. Keep alternating in this way. Once settled, take TWO-FOUR caps daily.

Conception Care

Pre-conception Care
Take ONE cap TWICE daily for 3-6 months prior by both prospective parents.

Take TWO caps daily throughout the pregnancy

Children (< 12 years)

Infectious Conditions
(Upper respiratory tract infections, sore throats, influenza, herpes infections, food poisoning), sinusitis

Period of infection: Take ONE cap THREE times daily.
Maintenance/Prevention: Take ONE – TWO caps daily.
Note: Bioeffective A is suitable for children from age one. However, ability to swallow capsules well would be a prerequisite to aid compliance due to its unfamiliar, chlorophyll taste. Alternately the contents of the capsule can be squeezed out and used with a suitable medium such as Ribena or light olive oil.


Antioxidant therapy
Take TWO- THREE caps daily.

Hangover prevention
Take TWO to THREE caps before drinking, TWO caps before bed and TWO caps on waking.

The contents of both NuvaPine A 160mg and NuvaPine A 320mg are identical but for the strength. One capsule of NuvaPine A 320mg is equivalent to two capsules of NuvaPine A 160mg. The doses suggested in the above are a general guide. Your health professional may prescribe a different dose depending on your specific needs. Please do not hesitate to contact pharmacist@nuvanta.com should you require any further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has NuvaPineA® been proven to work?

Research into the Bioeffectives® has been undertaken for a period of approximately 80 years, arguably the most substantial botanicals research program ever undertaken. NuvaPineA® is supported by product-specific clinical research in some of the world’s most prestigious research institutions including the N.N. Petrov State Scientific Institute of Oncology at the Russian Ministry of Health and the Pasteur Institute. The clinical results garnered in different medical fields lend further testament to its sterling reputation.

How is NuvaPineA® different from other antioxidants?

NuvaPineA® is a unique biological antioxidant complex proven as one of the most potent antioxidants in nature. E.g. 5 times more antioxidant activity than blueberries, 9 times more than raspberries, 12 times more broccoli, 55 times more than apples. Additionally, NuvaPineA® is also active against virus and bacteria. Hence, it is able to deliver multiple benefits beyond an ordinary antioxidant.

Do I need to take NuvaPineA® continuously?

NuvaPineA® can be taken as a general antioxidant for optimal health performance or for specific conditions as assessed by the health professional. It is extremely safe for long-term consumption.

How soon can I see results?

NuvaPineA® is a complementary natural product and not a drug whose effects are almost immediate. As NuvaPineA® works to improve the functioning of various body systems, results can be seen in as soon as 4 weeks depending on the condition to be treated.